The Callous Heart

Tales of “The Callous Heart” are easily traced back to the 19th Century through a variety of eyewitness reports and stories printed in local newspapers (particularly the Southampton periodical “The Daily Echo” who appear to be almost proud of the group), but there are scattered reports of groups of street youths wearing deaths head insignias on their clothing dating back further still. Frustratingly my research uncovered no confirmed photographs of any members, and one account even alleges “camera film gone bad”, after members were caught on film.

The only historical pictorial traces I was able to uncover was an anonymous artist’s impressions of the group and their emblem - which gruesomely depicts a deaths head reaper, grimly wielding a scythe yet encased inside a heart -, along with some ominous graffiti on the reverse of a Southampton street sign, declaring “Beware The Callous Heart”, for all that enter and leave the City to behold.

Artist impression of Callous Heart emblem

Second interpretation of a typical Callous Heart from unknown source

Local Southampton band 'Creepers' music video showing reference to local myth

Truthfully not much is truly known about this group, beyond their existence as some sort of “street gang”, seemingly only based in and around Southampton, their ranks filled entirely and exclusively with the young: no-one has ever reported the existence of any senior ranking gang officials or adults wearing the mark of the “Callous Heart”. Further, there appears to be no infrastructure within their membership, as with Victorian crime gangs or the motorcycle clubs of the 1960s, which would suggest scarce adult involvement or oversight. It’s unclear what their ‘motivation’ or agenda as a collective is – reports throughout history have mostly marked them as indulging in the typical behaviours of youth.

Some theories suggest that at a certain point, members ‘age out’ of the ‘Callous heart’, and take up a normal life, but through my research I believe I have come upon a much more disturbing truth, one that is staring us all right in the face….:


Yes that’s right, this is a gang of the eternally young. There aren’t any adults who age out because the members of this organisation don’t reach adulthood – they just live on and on in a perpetual youth. Okay call me crazy – I’m used to it! But I think if you’re reading this website you’re ready to take a leap of faith, and join the dots that are right in front of us all.

I am not suggesting that these are “zombies” or ‘Vampyre’, or any other such ghoulish characters lifted from the pages of fantasy or horror literature - No, I am saying that the ‘Callous Heart’ are evergreen, forever young, that the same people that filled it’s ranks 100 years ago or more are the same ones that walk the streets of Southampton this very day!!!

What the source of this everlasting state is may remain forever a mystery. Perhaps the these ‘Callous Hearts’ are connected in some manner to the undeniable Extra Terrestrial presence around the city’s skies (a phenomena too frequently reported to be anything but obscured truth), but I can only speculate on this.

Rest assured however, dear reader and truthseeker – I am determined to make investigations of my own and report in more depth, as I feel is my duty as an enlightened Southampton resident.

•• UPDATE, December 26th, 2015

I have uncovered some intriguing new pieces of this puzzle.

Firstly, the legend of the Callous Heart appears to have inspired some cultish devotees. A local rock music group has begun to wear the gang’s emblem during their performances, sewn onto their own clothing, performing in apparent tribute, or perhaps as a ritual worship? ‘Rock’ music and worship of dark arts have long been linked, so this is hardly a revelatory chain of thought. Unless the group – who call themselves ‘Creepers’ and have been seemingly releasing music since 1993 - are not merely posing as ‘Callous Heart’ but are in fact themselves a real life faction of this mysterious gang? Though with no reference made to music in any of Callous Heart’s historical legend, it seems more likely that this is art crudely imitating life!!

Aforementioned 'Creepers' band performing in traditional Callous Heart attire

Further and much more interesting! It’s come to my attention that just last month a former Investigator from the office of O.T.P (“Ombudsmen of The Preternatural”) arrived in Southampton, and has been asking questions about both The Callous Heart and another city legend, The Stranger (see the dedicated Stranger page for more info on that one!). I am going to try and track this person down, as perhaps an interview from somone with former Government ties will be able to fill in the many blanks!!! Stay tuned readers!

*** URGENT UPDATE, January 15, 2016

My Dear Readers - I have achieved what I believe to be a STRANGE SOUTHAMPTON WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!!!! I can barely type the words for the adrenaline still running in my veins, but I believe I have captured the first confirmed photograph – YES, PHOTOGRAPH – of some ‘Callous Heart’ members.

As promised in my last update, I set on a mission this week to try and confront the alleged former O.T.P investigator in Southampton, and believe me I have been searching all over. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in locating him as of yet, BUT to my utter amazement I was returning from a long day of research and door to door foot patrol when I spotted a group of youths in clothing bearing the mark of ‘The Callous Heart’!!!!

Apologies for the poor quality of these photographs but I had to react fast upon spotting the mark on their backs and my own heart was practically in my mouth as I quickly captured these images!

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